Reserva Paisajistica Nor Yauyos Cochas

Location and Routes

The Yauyos cabins are located within the Nor-Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve, in the province of Lima, department of Lima, along the right bank of the CaƱete river, 161 km from the city of CaƱete, at an altitude of 2,900 masl and 125 km from the city of Huancayo.

There are two routes to get to the cabins. The first and most recommendable route starts at the city of Lima, heading south via the Pan-American Highway up to the city of CaƱete, located by km 140. At this point the detour road towards Lunahuana will take the visitor to the lodge after three hours more or less. There are signs along the road showing the distance to the lodge.

The second route is via the Central Highway up to the city of Huancayo. From there take the detour to Chupaca, which is 10 km away, and continue by the detour road that takes you to the town of Kero, distant 20 km from Chupaca. Then keep straight for about 100 km until sighting the signs of the lodge on the road.

This route can be solitary and long but it is also a good option for those who want to enjoy the trip and visit Huancayo. Private transportation (small buses) may be hired for both routes and there is public transportation as well, which is quite good.


The best way to get there is riding in off-road vehicles (4×4). Conventional vehicles can get there as well, by either route, although they are more likely to get damaged.

It is possible to rent a Land Rover, equipped for this kind of trip, with driver included. Contact us for further information.

Public transportation is also available. The company Empresa San Juan de Yauyos offers 5 rides a week. The drive is quite long, as the bus stops in all the towns along the route.

Phone in Lima (684-2890 / 9901 95867).
(Public transport).