Reserva Paisajistica Nor Yauyos Cochas

Welcome toYauyos Lodge Peru

The Yauyos Lodge Project, started about 15 years ago as a small hotel available for the visitors of Canete Valley, bringing you confort.

Little by little its presence was wide around the zone, but at the same time a big interest for the conservation of the natural resources of the valley called our attention, that is why we want to finance the Project through the tourism, for the communities of the Nor Yauyos Cochas Paisajistic Reserve.

One of our objectives is the training of the comuners to host visitors in their own houses, directed to all the visitors that are willing to do vivential tourism. Another important objective is the conservation of the water and the forest, for that, we are developing a dry bahts program (ecologic), and better burning stoves with the support of the German Embassy, so we will get to consume less wáter, less pollution on the land, and less use of wood, optimizing its use with the better burning stoves. All these will bring a better quality of life for the comuners, thru the higiene, and their health will improve because they will not have to breath the smoke of the old burning stoves anymore.

Also, among all the projects is the recovery of the historic value of the Pre-inca andenería, this way we save water, increase employment, improve the production of the suelos. This can bring a benefit of better hay for the livestock, better production of native tuber, medicinal andean flora that after procesing them, we can pack and sell them between the cities and also export them, and this can generate an extra income for the comuners of the Paisajistica Reserve, getting better way of life, increasing their selfestime, accomplishing the sostenible development.

The ruins and pre-inca trails, old way of transportation for the andeans, is still in use to get to some communitites, this is a very important issue of our project, cleaning them up and recovering their historical value in all the arquelogical sites is fundamental for the turistic development of the región, that way with put together the beauty of their lakes, waterfalls, snowmountains, andenería, recuperadas pre-incas ruins and good hotels, and all these it is very closed to Lima, it can become an important place to visit.

Welcome to the Paisajistic Reserve Nor Yauyos Cochas .

Yauyos Lodge

The Yauyos cabins are located within the Nor-Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve, in the province of Lima, department of Lima, along the right bank of the Cañete river, 161 km from the city of Cañete, at an altitude of 2,900 masl and 125 km from the city of Huancayo There are two routes to get to the cabins.

The first and most recommendable route starts at the city of Lima, heading south via the Pan-American Highway up to the city of Cañete, located by km 140. At this point the detour road towards Lunahuana will take the visitor to the lodge after three hours more or less. There are signs along the road showing the distance to the lodge.